Starting a Business in Coventry

Are you thinking about starting a new business or moving an existing business into the Town of Coventry?  Start with Federal requirements, then the Rhode Island Business Portal, and then move into the Town of Coventry requirements. 


1) Obtain a Federal Tax Identification Number from the Federal Internal Revenue Service. Also known as an EIN “Employer Identification Number”. Contact IRS.GOV at EIN Individual Request - Online Application (


2) Fill out the Business Assistant Wizard on the RI Department of State: Business Portal - Rhode Island Secretary of State ( . You will receive a start-up task list to follow.


3) Based on your business, you may

a) require a state license. Check out Rhode Island Licensed Occupations.

b) need to pay Rhode Island Sales Tax. Check out Rhode Island Division of Taxation.

c) need to display certain postings in your business. Check out State Department of Labor and Training.


4) Based on how you staff your business, you might

a) have questions about RI labor laws. Contact State Department of Labor & Training

b) need to report who works for the business. Contact The Rhode Island Directory of New Hires

c) need to obtain a Workers Compensation Policy for employees. Contact State Department of Labor & Training to review when to display your insurance carrier.


5) Ensure your business can proceed in your desired location, by checking your location against our Town of Coventry Zoning Maps.  If you have any questions, you can call the Planning and Zoning Department at (401) 822-9196.  They are familiar with regulations, paperwork and applications needed for construction of a new facility or renovation of an existing structure.


6) Lastly, submit your paperwork to our Town Clerk, located at Town Hall 1670 Flat River Road.  The Clerk will review the submission, and put forward any request for town licensing to the Town Council at the next meeting.