Charter Review Commission

Coventry’s 2022 Charter Review Commission welcomes Coventry citizens to provide their thoughts and ideas concerning the 2022 Charter review.  This can be done via the public comment portion of each live stream of our Wednesday meetings that start at 6:30 PM.  These meetings are also recorded and can be accessed through Coventry’s YouTube channel.  You can also forward your thoughts and ideas for consideration to the Town Manager. 

With the passage of the Home Rule amendment of the Rhode Island Constitution in 1951, each Rhode Island city or town that has enacted a home rule charter was granted the authority to "enact and amend local laws relating to its property, affairs and government not inconsistent with this Constitution and laws enacted by the General Assembly.  The Charter Review Commission seeks to provide recommendations to the Town Council for amendments, additions, or deletions to our current Town Charter.  Approved Charter revisions by the Town Council will be added as ballot questions in the general election to be held in November, 2022.