Snow Removal

If you have questions regarding our snow removal services you may call us at 

822-9110x1 or email:




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Frequently asked snow plow questions


What roads are plowed and sanded by the Town of Coventry?

The Town of Coventry is responsible for all Town roads; we do not however maintain any State roads or Private Roads. CLICK HERE for a list of State Roads. 


How does Public Works decide which roads are plowed and or sanded first?

During an ice event each driver will go first to the hills and intersections on their designated routes. Then they will branch out to the most heavily travelled roads and finally the lesser travelled side streets. Similarly during a snow event they will plow a pass through the “main roads” of each route and then the lesser travelled side roads. During a long duration storm our drivers will ensure that at least a single lane is maintained on each road of their designated routes. This is done to ensure emergency personnel can access all areas of Town during a storm. As the storm begins to subside they will go back and clear as close to “curb to curb” as possible until all roads are clean. 


I saw the plow truck go by my house over two hours ago, when will they be back?

Each of our drivers has miles of roadway to cover. It will sometimes take him over an hour to return to a road that was plowed earlier in the storm. We do remain in close contact with Police & Fire Personnel and in the event of an emergency we will alter how a route is done to assist them.