Assessment Review Board

District #1    Christopher Anderson  
District #2    John MacVittie
District #3    Sean Carey
District #4    Lisa Avedisian
District #5    Joseph P. Spada

Updated 03/28/2022

Budget Advisory Group



Updated 11/24/14

Cemetery, Isaac Fiske & H.N. Waterman Funds

Board of Directors




Updated 4/10/23

Charter Review Commission

Ted G. Tracy

Scott Copley

Scott J. Guthrie

Robert Brennan

Michael Stevens

Sarah Rapose

Andrew Perra

Mayer Bradford

James Humphrey


Updated: 2/2/2022

Conservation Commission

Thomas Pendergast

Deana O'Brien

Matthew Towle

Gerry Narkiewicz



2nd Wednesday at 6:00 p.m.

Planning Department Conference Room

1675 Flat River Road


Contact person - Doug McLean 401-822-9184


Updated 09/13/2022

Economic Development Committee

Member JoAnn D'Aurio

Member David Dadekian

Member Craig Pernardo

Member Tim Pimental

Member Dr. Doug DeCubellis


Updated 2/2/2024

Fire Departments

Fire Departments Address Telephone
Fire Alarm Headquarters 60 Wood Street 821-3456
Coventry Fire District (Anthony) 571 Washington Street 821-3141
Central Coventry Fire Station 3 (Washington) 2 Station Street Currently Closed
Central Coventry Fire Station 4 (Tiogue) 240 Arnold Road 825-7800
Central Coventry Fire Station 5 (Harris) 701 Main Street Currently Closed
Central Coventry Fire Station 7 2847 Flat River Road Currently Closed
Hopkins Hill Fire Department One Bestwick Trail 821-6866
Western Coventry Fire District 1110 Victory Highway, Greene, RI 02827 397-7520


Fire Districts

Fire Alarm  
Superintendent of Fire Alarm
Chief Frank Brown
Emergency # 821-3456
1111 Main Street
Coventry Fire District (Anthony)  
Chief: Robert Warren 
571 Washington Street
Station: 821-3141
Fax: 826-0832

Tax Collector: Robert Catalfamo
Mon-Wed: 8:00am - 4:00pm

Thur: 11:00am - 7:00pm

Fri.: 8:00am - 1:00pm

Last Sat. of the quarter  9:00am-12:00pm

821-3141  Fax 826-0832

Central Coventry Fire District  
Chief: Frank M. Brown, Jr
240 Arnold Road
Station: 825-7860
Tax Collector: Annmarie Jacolucci
240 Arnold Rd
Mon-Thu 9:00am - 4:00pm
Hopkins Hill Fire District  
Chief: Frank M. Brown, Jr.
1 Bestwick Trail
Station: 821-6866
Tax Collector: Denise Brown
The tax collector's office is open during the months of January, April, July & October on Tuesdays 6:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m. and Saturdays 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.. All other days and time are by appointment only.
Western Coventry Fire District  
Chief: James Cady
Station: 397-7520
Mailing Address: 
1110 Victory Highway, Greene, RI 02827

Tax Collector: Joan Smith
P.O. Box 5052
Hours by appt.

Friends of Human Services Advisory Board

Chairman-Ernest Rusack

Anna Crute 

Steve Glover 

Florence Martinelli 

Joan DeGregory

Gail Tatangelo 

Judith Taylor 

Joan Tillinghast 

Michael Zirrolli


Updated 03/28/2022

Historic Preservation Commission

Norma Smith, Chair

Paul St. Amand, Co-Chair 

Maureen Buffi

Erin Brewster

Ann Assumpico

John Studley, Associate Planner


Contact person - Doug McLean 401-822-9184

Updated 5/11/22

Housing Authority

R. David Jervis, Chair

Rebecca Parenteau, Co-Chair

Maureen Jendzejec

Phillip Casacalenda III

Scott Duckworth 

Julie Leddy, Executive Director 


14 Manchester Circle

828-4367 (B)

823-5211 (FAX)




Monday - Friday: 8:00am - 4:00 pm



Meeting Place


Knotty Oak Village

14 Manchester Circle



Updated 2/8/22

Juvenile Hearing Board

Earl A. Read III

Marc Monahan

James C. Kuipers

Tara Fontaine

Bryan Thomas

Meghan Rose

Jaime Bernard, Alternate

Robert Mann,  Alternate



Coventry PD Contact Person:

Rick Pendola  822-9123



Updated 03/28/2022

Land Trust

Glenn Underwood 

Joyce Perretta

Rosemary Carmody

Jack Donovan

Jenna O'del

Linda Brennan

Lynn Carlson


Staff Contact

John Studley

1670 Flat River Road

Coventry, RI  02816



Meeting Place

1675 Flat River Road 

Planning Department Conference Room


The Land Trust meets on the third Tuesday of each month at 6:30pm


Updated 5/17/2023

Legislators (Federal)


Sheldon Whitehouse 170 Westminster St
Providence, RI 02903
B-40D Dirksen Building
Washington, DC 20510-3903
Jack Reed 201 Hillside Road, Suite 200
Cranston, RI 02920-2018
464-6837 (Fax)
728 Hart Building
Washington, DC 20515-3902



Seth Magaziner   1-202-225-2735

Legislators (State)


District #25 Thomas E. Noret 225 Fairview Avenue, Coventry 401-828-3112
District #26 Patricia Morgan 411 Wakefield St, West Warwick, RI  401-828-4831
District #27 Patricia A. Serpa 194 Kimberly Lane West Warwick, RI 02893 401-828-5687
District #28 George A. Nardone 50 Fieldstone Drive, Coventry 401-821-2360
District #29 Sherry Roberts 22 Seminole Trail West Greenwich, RI 02817 401-397-8576
District #40 Michael W. Chippendale 124A Johnson Road Foster, RI 02825 401-397-9469


District #21 Gordon E. Rogers 61 Cucumber Hill Road


District # 33 Leonidas P. Raptakis 2080 Nooseneck Road Coventry, RI 02816 401-397-2720

Library Board of Directors

Glen Underwood, Chair

Barbara Bridge, Vice-Chairman

Colleen Duffy-Golec

Gloria Martins, Secretary

William E. Rogers

Patricia Pare

Fred Raisner


Library Director:  Megan Weeden  822-9101


Updated 10/14/2022

Municipal Pension Board

Jay Andriote


Updated 2/2/2023

Pawtuxet River Authority and Watershed Council

John Graichen

Marc Lemoi

Paul Lockett


Pawtuxet River Authority Office Location


8 Hope Furnace Road

Hope, RI 02831

Telephone:  401-615-7039


Updated 09/11/2023

Personnel Board



Updated 03/06/2019

Planning Commission

Ronald Flynn, Chairman

Rick Kalunian, Vice-Chairman

John Preiss – Member

Glen Anderson, Member

James Kenney II, Member

Sherry Elderkin, Member

Kevin Reyes, Member

Mike Burke, Member

Chuck Smith, Member


Doug McLean – Town Planner:  401-822-9184

Updated 9/14/2022

Police Pension Board

Dennis Skorski


Updated 1/31/2023

Redevelopment Agency

Currently Inactive.



Updated 03/06/2019

School Committee

Coventry Public Schools website:

Coventry School Committee Member contact information:


District #1: Ana Isabel dos Reis-Couto

District #2:  Bradford Mayer

District #3: John Cambio, Jr.

District #4: David P. Florio

District #5: James Pierson


Attorney: Jon Anderson, Esq.  

Superintendent: Don Cowart 


Meeting Places

Town Hall, 1670 Flat River Road, though meeting place/time is subject to change: check

Administration Building: 1675 Flat River Road,  Phone: 401-822-9400


Updated: 1/12/24

School Department

Administrative Offices 1675 Flat River Road 822-9400
School Department Facilities 46 Pettine Street 822-9405
Blackrock Elementary School 12 Laforge Drive 822-9450
Coventry High School 40 Reservoir Road 822-9499
Regional Career and Technical Education Center 40 Reservoir Road 822-9499 ext. 287
Hopkins Hill Elementary School 95 Johnson Boulevard 822-9477
Alan Shawn Feinstein Middle School 15 Foster Drive 822-9426
Tiogue Elementary School 170 East Shore Drive 822-9460
Washington Oak Elementary School 801 Read School House Road 397-1976
Western Coventry Elementary School 4588 Flat River Road 397-3355

Sewer Board of Review

Glen Skurka, Chairperson

Tony Raposo

Michael Saccoccia



Updated 02/12/19

Sewer Sub Committee

Jamie LeBlanc, Council Member

Hillary Lima, Council Member

Michael T. Saccoccia 

Tony Raposo, Vice Chair

Lisa Castelli




Updated 09/26/2022


Town Solicitor and Law Department Head     
Stephen J. Angell, Esq. of Angell Law, LLC    

Asst. Town Solicitor assigned to Prosecutions    
John M. Verdecchia, Esq. of the law office of John M. Verdecchia    

Asst. Town Solicitor assigned to Planning and Zoning    
David V. Igliozzi, Esq. of Igliozzi & Reis, LLC


Updated 5/4/2023

SRP Pension Board



Updated  2/2/2023

Town Contacts

District #1 Council Person Jonathan Pascua
District #2 Council Person Alisa Capaldi
District #3 Council Person James LeBlanc 401-821-1426
District #4 Council Person Hilary Lima 

District #5 Council Person Kimberly Shockley 401-241-8517

Building Official Chuck Phelps 822-9158
Canvassers, Board of William Marcotte 615-9699  
Clerk, BOC Lori Anderson 822-9150
Emergency Management


Finance Director/Treasurer Robert Civetti (interim) 822-9130
Housing Authority Julie Leddy 828-4367  
Housing Rehabilitation Vacant 822-6246  
Receptionist   822-9186  
Human Services Director Robert Robillard 822-9177
Library Director Megan Weeden 822-9101
MIS Cody Haughton 822-9188
Municipal Court Clerk   822-9187
Municipal Court Judge Arthur Capaldi 821-6400  
Police Chief Major Frederick Heise 826-1100
Probate Judge Jean A. Boulanger 821-6400  
Public Works Director Kevin McGee 822-9110
Recreation Director Raena Blumenthal 822-9108
Tax Assessor Kerrin Martini 822-9163
Tax Collector Monique Houle 822-9165
Town Clerk Joanne Amitrano 822-9173
Town Manager Daniel Parrillo 822-9185
Asst. Town Manager Maria Boradbent 615-0777
Human Resource Manager Cheryl Wilcox 822-9189
Town Planner Doug Mclean 822-9184
Town Engineer Joe Levesque 822-9182
Principal Planner Alex Berardo 822-6230
Town Solicitor Stephen Angell, Esq.


Asst. Town Solicitor (School Dept.) Katherine Duncanson 822-9400
Zoning Enforcement Clerk Kerri Karwoski 822-9196


Updated 3/13/24

Town Offices

Town Hall 1670 Flat River Road 821-6400
Town Hall Fax   822-9132
Hours of Operation M-F 8:30am - 4:30pm  
Board of Canvassers    
Lori Anderson 822-9151
Information Technology    
Cody Haughton 822-9188
Municipal Court 822-9187
Probate Court    
Joanne Amitrano, CMC 822-9173
Annie Driscoll 822-9172
Tax Assessor    
Kerrin Martini 822-9163
Lori DeSantis 822-9162
Ryan Steinle 822-9161
Tax Collector    
Monique Houle 822-9165
Jean Pomfret 822-9159
Town Clerk    
Joanne Amitrano, CMC 822-9173
Annie Driscoll 822-9172
Elizabeth Falconio 822-9170
Kerry Nardolillo 822-9171
Town Manager    
Daniel Parrillo 822-9185
Maria Broadbent 615-0777
FAX   822-9139
Human Resource Manager    
Cheryl Wilcox 822-9189
Robert Civetti 822-9130
Debbie Yost 822-9154
Karissa Haumann 822-9153
Christine Leggett 822-9155
Fax   822-6237
Library 1672 Flat River Road 822-9100
Library Fax   822-9133
Director 822-9101
Assistant director 822-9104
Circulation Desk   822-6200
Reference Desk 822-9105
Childrens' Department   822-9102
Town Hall Annex 1675 Flat River Road  
Building Inspector/Minimum Housing    
Chuck Phelps 822-9157
Anthony Nardolillo 822-9158
Domenic Imbruglia 822-9156
Joseph J. Levesque, P.E. (Engineer) 822-9182
Michael Montijo  
Planning Department    
Doug Mclean (Director) 822-9184
Alex Berardo 822-6230
Josh Chase 822-6246
Kerrie Karwoski 822-9196
Fax   822-6236
Kerrie Karwoski 822-9196
Fax   822-6236
School Administration   822-9400
Fax   822-9406
Parks & Recreation 1277 Main Street  
Raena Blumenthal 822-9108
Denise Cummiskey 822-9107
Patrick Stone 822-9107
Teen Center 668 Washington Street 822-9138
Kimberly Frenze 822-9107
Fax   822-9148
Department of Public Works 1668 Flat River Road 822-9110
Kevin McGee 615-7083
Jackie Anthony 822-9183 822-6244
Melissa Soares 822-9111
Fax   822-9141
Human Services/Senior Center 50 Wood Street 822-9175
Stephanie In 822-9177
Robert Robillard 822-9127
Catherine Pendola 822-9178
Susan Pajak 822-9176
Lynn Pendola 822-9125
Stefani Weber 822-9146
Pat Fleming 822-9474
Marlena Davis 822-9144
Lisa Cote 822-9144
Fax   822-6211
Police Department 1075 Main Street 826-1100
Major Frederick Heise 822-9118
Captain Walter Hennessy 822-9121
Thesese Stafford (Admin) 822-9190
Therese Ryan (Records) 822-9191
Fax   822-6221
Animal Control 1666 Flat River Road 822-9106
Fax   822-9140

Water Authority

Scott Duckworth

Updated 2/2/24

Zoning Board of Review

Robert Crowe, Chairman     

Russell Lacaillade, Vice-Chairman

Keith Cloutier, Secretary

Edward Iannotti

Leonard Doeg

Michael New


Zoning Enforcement Officer


Kerrie Karwoski

1675 Flat River Road

Coventry, RI  02816





Updated 2/10/22