Municipal Court


Coventry Town Hall

1670 Flat River Road

Coventry, RI 02816


Office Hours

By appointment only



Court Office




  • We accept cash, money order or check 
  • A payment lockbox is available outside the Municipal Court Office
  • We DO NOT accept credit/debit cards or payments over the phone

Court Sessions

  • Municipal Court Sessions are held twice a month
  • All sessions are held on Tuesday evenings at 5:45pm in the Council Chambers of the Town Hall
  • Cases are scheduled by the Court 
  • Proper attire is required and cell phones must be turned off during court
  • The Municipal Court handles Traffic violations, Town Ordinance and Animal Control cases 
  • We only accept cash, check or money order

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Court Officiates

Arthur Capaldi-Judge

Jean Boulanger-Clerk of Court/Associate Judge


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