Sewer lines to be installed

In order to upgrade the sanitary sewer system at Coventry High School, a new sewer line is being installed on a short section of Reservoir Road and Tiogue Ave.  The new sewer piping is going to be installed from Coventry High School (40 Reservoir Road) south to Tiogue Ave, and east on Tiogue Ave to the McDonalds (1100 Tiogue Ave.)

Property owners along the route of the new sewer line, shown in yellow and blue on the map below, will receive a certified letter with information about future connection options and requirements, and associated assessment costs.  Property owners will be contacted by a member of the project design team to determine the best location for a sewer connection for each property. 

Surveyors are currently in the area taking measurements and collecting information to be used to design the new sewer extension.  Construction is expected to begin in early 2025 and to be completed in early 2026.

If you have any questions please contact Maria Broadbent, Assistant Town Manager at 401.615.0777.


sewer extension