Johnsons Pond Statement March 29, 2024

Office of the Town Solicitor
Stephen J. Angell, Esq.
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***Statement for Immediate Release March 29, 2024***

Re: Johnson’s Pond a/k/a Flat River Reservoir

 This statement follows our March 26th statement concerning actions taken by the Town to protect this vital natural resource for the benefit of the Town as a whole and, particularly, for the residents most directly impacted by the ownership of Soscia Holding, LLC.

 On Thursday, March 28th, I along with co-counsel and attorneys representing Soscia met with Judge Licht in chambers to discuss the Town’s most recent filings in the matters pending before the Court. As a result of that conference, the parties acknowledge that the Order entered by Judge Licht in the summer of 2023 remains in full force and effect preserving the status quo with respect to pond water levels as well as the dam and its structures in its present condition.
The case is assigned to Judge Licht to hear the merits of our recent filings. As that litigation continues, the Town is moving forward with its work on a permanent solution to address the situation.